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Our Project Online Adaption program starts with an accelerated workshop involving all levels of leadership from all impacted divisions to establish the essential and unique objectives and requirements of your PPM (project portfolio management) system.  Whether the driver is a better understanding of your project investments during annual strategy and planning, improved individual project planning and execution, or organizational resource and budgetary concerns, we will identify what is important to you along with the related industry best practices and tools we can help bring to bear.

With the goals and direction carefully defined, we will work with your organization to progressively design, develop, and implement, with all necessary training and mentoring, your PPM solution utilizing an appropriate mix of "non-code" technologies including:

  • Selected core Project Server / Project Online functionality adapted through configuration, administration, and customization
  • MS Project Professional customization and macro automation
  • SharePoint customizations and extensions of the PWA (Project Web App) site and the templates used to create your individual project collaboration sites
  • Custom business process automation through SharePoint Designer workflow
  • Graphical dashboard and custom management reporting system development utilizing Excel Services and other BI (Business Intelligence) platform components

Portfolio-Engineering will ensure the system is developed in a manner that best suits your organization and at a pace that you can sustain while meeting your internal deadlines and objectives.  We will work with you to determine the right mix of:

  • Independently managed Portfolio-Engineering development and delivery
  • Customized technical training of your internal staff to prepare them for and lead them through development
  • Close teaming with your steering committee to introduce, review, update, and seek approval of each system component and process
  • Careful turn-over of system administration and technical ownership to internal staff leaving you independent of our services

As outlined in the panel to the right, we have already addressed many complex Project Online adaptations on behalf of previous clients to meet their specific needs.  Some of these are operational on our own servers and are available for demonstration upon request.  Of course, when appropriate we can utilize our library of client deliverables to implement similar adaptations and best practices for your organization in a cost-efficient way.

If you are ready to learn how Project Online can help move your organization to the next level and how Portfolio-Engineering's Adaptation program can help you get the system right-sized and ready to meet your needs specific needs efficiently, reach out to us to continue the conversation.

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Previous Delivered Adaptations have Included:

  • User-friendly, governed "project intake" systems combining SharePoint elements and automated workflow integrated into Project Online
  • Project meta-data upgrades in support of:
    • Multiple project portfolios
    • Program management of related and integrated projects
    • Project and product department relationships
    • Tracking of current project execution status
    • Other project important classification and categorization attributes including alignment with corporate strategy
    • Task metadata enhancements tracking project phase, standard deliverables, and major and minor milestones
  • Implementation of a project role-based roster system administered in SharePoint and integrated with the Project Online database tracking roles such as:
    • Project sponsor and other stakeholders
    • Product owner and manager
    • Project manager and team lead
    • Architect and business analyst
    • Testing lead
  • Issue, action item, and risk management enhancements
  • Implementation of budget development and management tools supporting quarterly reporting on a annualized, projectized, and cost center basis of expensed and capitalized planned and actual costs
  • Development of customized and simplified approaches to project evaluation and prioritization, fully implemented into Project Online's project portfolio planning tools
  • Skills-based resource capacity and assignment management tools
  • Delivery of graphical management dashboards consolidating multiple out-of-the-box and extended data sources in support of management escalation and management by exception including:
    • Project portfolio summary DB
    • Project status DB
    • Milestone achievement DB
    • Budget status DB
    • Risk and issue management DB
  • Implementation of error identification and governance systems ensuring the data integrity of essential management metrics
  • Re-working of system approach and terminology to match the PMI framework